CDI College 介绍(英文)CDI College Profile



CDl College is the largest organization of career colleges with campuses all across Canada and has been providing high quality education for more than 40 years. CDI College is reputed as Montreal's superior Information Technology (IT), Business and Health College, and we remain a leader by constantly upgrading our programs to meet the ever-changing needs of the new economy

CDI College has been welcoming international students for many years from all over the world. Upon graduating, students are able to integrate their newly acquired skills and knowledge in their respective countries or while remaining in Canada on a post-graduate employment visa. A CDI College education ensures graduates of a bright future full of challenges and opportunities.


Emphasis on Students

CDI College has the atmosphere of a small school and the feeling of a big family. The small size of the school also allows staff to offer a personalized service and most staff members know students on a first-name basis. From the very first visit to one of our campuses and right through to graduation day, our counselors, teachers and staff members ensure that each student always has the information and support they need to successfully complete their studies and move toward their career goals.


Living in Montreal

Montreal is known for its European flavor, with many bistros and cafés and a renowned “joie de vivre". There are close to 4 million people living in and around Montreal and multiculturalism is a vital element of this cosmopolitan city. The two official languages of Canada, English and French, are commonly used here and as a North American city is one the most affordable places in which to live. Lodging, food and transportation are less expensive here than in many other major cities.


Immigration Status

Students are required to hold a valid Quebec Certificate of Acceptance and a study permit to attend CDI College. The Bureau of International Students can provide you with the information you need to obtain these status.